Case from the case-book and medical descriptive lists of the HAREWOOD HOSPITAL, Washington, D. C., Surgeon Thomas Antisell, U. S. V., in charge from October, 1862, to September, 1863:

CASE 277.—Private William C. Corey, company E, 20th Michigan volunteers; age 22; admitted January 2, 1863. Chronic diarrhœa. Died, March 11th. Autopsy: Body much emaciated; rigor mortis complete; suggillation posteriorly. Right lung healthy; left lung adherent. The pericardium was everywhere adherent. Heart normal. The stomach, duodenum, and jejunum were congested. The ileum was thickened, softened, and ulcerated in several places; some pseudomembrane adherent to its lower portion. The colon was thickened, softened, and presented patches of pseudomembrane and many follicular ulcers. The liver was somewhat enlarged. The spleen, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder normal.—Surgeon Thomas Antisell, U. S. V. [Nos. 156 to 159, Medical Section, Army Medical Museum, are from this case. No. 156 is from the lower portion of the ileum, which is thickened, irregularly coated with pseudomembrane, and presents some superficial ulceration. Nos. 157 to 159 are successive portions of the thickened colon, which is irregularly plastered with pseudomembrane, and presents a number of follicular ulcers.]