Case from the case-book and medical descriptive lists of the HAREWOOD HOSPITAL, Washington, D. C., Surgeon Thomas Antisell, U. S. V., in charge from October, 1862, to September, 1863:

CASE 270.—Private Perry Hite, company E, 2d Pennsylvania volunteers; admitted September 4, 1862. Chronic diarrhœa. Died, November 2d. Autopsy: The thoracic viscera were anæmic, but presented no marked evidence of disease. The ventricles of the heart contained colorless fibrin-clots. The stomach was distended with flatus, but healthy. The duodenum slightly congested. The jejunum and ileum were healthy to within two feet of the ileocæcal valve; from thence highly congested and inflamed. The colon was inflamed, ulcerated, and presented gangrenous patches, with general abrasion of the mucous membrane. The rectum was inflamed and its lower portion much ulcerated. The mesenteric glands were enlarged and engorged with blood; the mesentery was much congested. The liver was normal. The spleen enlarged and very much congested.