CASE 78.—Record imperfect at beginning and end of case; headache; diarrhœa; abdominal tenderness; rose-colored spots.—Private Gottfried Scrieber, Co. I, 6th Wis.; age 30; had some lung trouble in July, 1861, from which he had not entirely recovered, when about October 15 he was taken with chills followed by fever and sweating, with headache, tinnitus aurium, pain in the back, chest and limbs, lassitude, anorexia, thirst, diarrhœa, retention of urine and some cough. He was admitted November 7. Diagnosis—debility. On the 8th rose-colored spots appeared on the chest and abdomen, and there was much tenderness in the umbilical and left iliac regions with a burning feeling in the epigastric region. Blue-pill with opium, followed by castor oil, was prescribed. The skin on the 9th was covered with perspiration; the bowels were moved twice. On the 10th there were some rose-spots, a burning feeling in the stomach, tenderness in the umbilical and left iliac regions, but no passage from the bowels; the tongue was very red at the tip and edges. Eight grains of quinine were given with turpentine and tincture of iron. This patient was transferred on the 18th to Annapolis, Md. [Diagnosis—typhoid fever. Returned to duty Feb. 3, 1862.]