Title: Mills, C.

Source text: The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, Part 3, Volume 1 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1888), 232.

Keywords:clinical recordscontinued feversevidence of malarial affectiontyphoid fevertypho-malarial and typhoid feversSeminary Hospital casesdeafness and tinnitus auriumdiarrhœarose-colored spotscough with expectorationmicturition difficulttenderness in left iliac regionsequela of measles

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CASE 65.—Date of onset obscured by sequela of measles; deafness and tinnitus aurium; diarrhœa and rose-colored spots; convalescence.—Private C. Mills, Co. E, 6th Wis.; age 22; had measles in August, 1861, and about September 1 was taken with chills, fever, diarrhœa, cough and headache, for which calomel and opium had been administered. He was admitted October 1. Diagnosis—typhoid fever. Turpentine emulsion and astringents were ordered. He slept but little, and next day was looking dull and had slight headache and congestion of the face; pulse 90, quick; skin natural; tongue moist, heavily coated brown; appetite moderate; he had a bad cough with slight expectoration; three stools were passed and micturition was difficult. Cough mixture was given with small doses of blue-pill and opium every two hours. On the 3d the skin was moist and covered on the left side of the chest and abdomen with a profusion of rose-colored spots. Next day deafness and tinnitus aurium were noted. On the 5th the pulse was 85, full, the skin cool and moist, the tongue moist and having a yellowish patch in the centre, the appetite poor; one stool was passed, and there was some tenderness in the left iliac region; respiration was natural although there was much cough and free expectoration. Four stools were passed on the 6th, six on the following day, and three daily after this until the 11th, when there was but one; during this time the expression was dull, the face somewhat congested, the tongue moist, white and flabby, and the appetite poor. On the 11th the tongue became clean and the appetite good. Tincture of iron was ordered. He slept well during the night, and next day his eyes were bright, cheeks not flushed, pulse 90, regular, skin natural, tongue moist, slightly coated white, appetite good. On the 14th he was transferred to Baltimore, Md.