Title: Bartlette, C. A.

Source text: The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, Part 3, Volume 1 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1888), 227.

Keywords:clinical recordscontinued feverstypho-malarial and typhoid feversdeafnessdeliriumdiarrhœacough with yellowish sputaeruptionright iliac tendernesspulse imperceptibleanorexiaseminary hospital casestyphoid casestyphoid feverpulmonary congestion

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CASE 42.—Deafness; delirium; diarrhœa; cough; eruption; death on 20th day from pulmonary congestion.—Private C. A. Bartlette, Co. H, 5th Vt. Vols.; age 23; was admitted Nov. 1, 1861. Diagnosis—typhoid fever. His illness began about October 15 with pain in the back and limbs, anorexia and diarrhœa. On November 2 he was wakeful, his eyes dull, face congested, pulse 100, skin hot and dry, showing the characteristic eruption, tongue dry, red at the tip and edges and coated yellow in the centre; he was very deaf and had buzzing in the ears, much right iliac tenderness and some cough with yellowish sputa. Next day he was stupid and delirious, frequently attempting to leave his bed; his pulse was imperceptible and his breathing laborious. He died on this day. Turpentine, milk-punch and beef-essence were prescribed, with sinapisms to the abdomen.