Title: Emons, C. D.

Source text: The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, Part 3, Volume 1 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1888), 224.

Keywords:clinical recordscontinued feverstyphoid fevertypho-malarial and typhoid feversmuttering deliriumsordesintestinal effusionrose-colored spotspetechiæpains in feetloss of appetitetenderness in right iliac regionseminary hospital casestyphoid cases

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CASE 32.—Muttering delirium; sordes; intestinal effusion; rose-colored spots on 14th day; petechiæ on 15th; pains in the feet; slight improvement on the 17th, but record incomplete.—Private C. D. Emons, Co. D, 7th Wis. Vols.; age 18; was admitted Oct. 30, 1861. Diagnosis—typhoid fever. He was taken sick about the 22d with diarrhœa, chills, weakness and loss of appetite. On admission his face was flushed, pulse 100 and of fair strength, skin hot and dry, tongue thickly coated, teeth black with sordes, breath very offensive; he had much thirst, relaxed bowels and some tenderness in the right iliac region, with borborygmus and tympanites; he muttered in his sleep. Oil of turpentine, compound catechu powders and whiskey-punch were prescribed. Delirium became a prominent symptom for a few days, during which the pulse was strong and slightly above 100, the face dusky, the eyes much injected and the tongue red at the tip, blackened and fissured; but on Nov. 4 the delirium lessened, the pulse fell to 86; he slept well during the previous night, the teeth and gums were cleaner and the skin was soft and presented a few rose-colored spots. On the 5th the pulse was 88 and feeble; petechial spots appeared on the skin; the tongue was very dry and thickly coated brown. The patient was drowsy and difficult to arouse; one stool was passed, and the bowels were tender and gurgled on pressure. On the 7th the mind became clearer and the eyes were less injected, but otherwise there was little change in the condition; he complained of pain in the feet. The record gives no further details. He was transferred to Baltimore, Md., on December 3.