CASE.—Sergeant J. H. R——, Co. H, 11th Pennsylvania Reserves, was wounded at Fredericksburg, Virginia, December 13th, 1862. The ball entered near the inferior angle of the scapula, fracturing the anterior border, neck, and coracoid process; it then passed through the left clavicle, causing a fracture of the outer and middle thirds; then behind the scaleni muscles, carrying away the transverse processes of the third and fourth cervical vertebræ, laying bare the vertebral artery, opening the sheath of the carotid, and finally lodged behind the symphysis of the inferior maxilla. He was conveyed to Washington, and, on December 16th, admitted to Carver Hospital. Death resulted on December 22d, 1862. The autopsy revealed great infiltration of blood in the cellular tissues of the neck and in the mediastinum. The pathological specimens, consisting of the fractured clavicle and scapula, with the third, fourth, and fifth cervical vertebræ, are numbered 640, 641, and 901, Surgical Section, Army Medical Museum, and were contributed, with a history of the case, by Surgeon O. A. Judson, U. S. V.