CASE.—Private William H. McL——, Co. A, 108th New York Volunteers, aged 21 years, was wounded at the battle of Antietam , September 17th, 1862, by a musket ball, which fractured the ramus of the inferior maxilla, left side. The missile entered below the mastoid process of the right temporal bone, passed upward and forward, traversing the parotid gland, and carried away the condyle and a part of the ascending ramus of the lower maxilla, and lodged in the zygomatic fossa, severing in its course the temporal and the internal maxillary branches of the carotid artery. He was, on September 26th, admitted to Carver Hospital, Washington. On October 15th, excessive hæmorrhage occurred, to the amount of thirty ounces, from the temporal and the branches of the internal maxillary arteries, which was controlled by compression. Hæmorrhage recurred on the 21st and 22d. Patient died October 24th, 1862. The pathological specimen is No. 632, Sect. I, A. M. M. The case is reported by Surgeon O. A. Judson, U. S. V.