Title: Kilburn, D. W.

Source text: Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes, United States Army, The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. (1861–65.), Part 1, Volume 2 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1870), 350.

Keywords:wounds and injuries of the facegunshot wounds of the facegunshot fractures of the facial bonesfractures involving upper and lower maxillæsecondary hæmorrhagecommon carotid ligatedgeneral anesthesia, chloroform

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CASE.—Private D. W. Kilburn, Co. I, 1st Maine Volunteers, aged 22 years, was wounded at the battle of Spottsylvania​, Virginia, May 19th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which entered angle of mouth, making its exit near posterior border of sternocleidomastoideus muscle, wounding facial and external carotid arteries. He was admitted to the Finley Hospital, Washington, on May 28th, 1864. On May 29th, chloroform was administered, and the right carotid artery was ligated by Acting Assistant Surgeon J. C. Nelson. Severe hæmorrhage ensued after ligation. The patient continued to do well until the evening of June 1st, when he complained of severe pain in region of head and chest; also great dyspnœa. He died on June 2d, 1864, from asphyxia.