Title: Whitfield, Charles

Source text: The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, Part 3, Volume 1 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1888), 217.

Keywords:deaf, drowsy delirioushallucinationsfrequent cough with free expectorationcontinued feversclinical recordstypho-malarial and typhoid feversSeminary Hospital casestyphoid casestyphoid feverchronic bronchitis

Civil War Washington ID: med.d1e1790

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CASE 5.—The mind continued affected after the other symptoms had disappeared.—Private Charles Whitfield, Co. B, 1st Mich.; age 25; admitted March 2,1862. Diagnosis—typhoid fever and chronic bronchitis. On the 4th he was quite deaf, drowsy and delirious; he was hoarse and had a frequent cough with free expectoration; his cheeks were hot and flushed, and he had much thirst; pulse rapid and weak; tongue somewhat dry, quite red and with enlarged papillæ; stools not frequent but loose; abdomen tender. Two watery stools were passed on the 5th. The tongue became moist on the 6th, the appetite returned and the bowels were quiet, but the other symptoms remained unchanged. On the 7th the deafness lessened and the hoarseness and cough diminished; pulse 90, good; skin natural; tongue moist, fissured, clean; bowels unmoved; but the mind continued affected for some time longer. On the 13th he replied naturally to questions, but had curious hallucinations which returned occasionally for several days after this, and the deafness continued for some days longer. During this time the bowels were regular or inclined to constipation. Milk-punch and tincture of iron were used. He was able to walk about on the 27th. On April 26 he was discharged for disability.