Title: Tomb, James F.

Source text: The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, Part 3, Volume 1 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1888), 217.

Keywords:weakness, perspirationrose-colored spotsprofuse sudaminagiddinesscontinued feversclinical recordstypho-malarial and typhoid feversSeminary Hospital casestyphoid casestyphoid fever

Civil War Washington ID: med.d1e1766

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CASE 4.—Weakness, giddiness, perspiration, sudamina and rose-colored spots.—Private James F. Tomb, Co. H, 12th Pa.; age 19; had headache, weakness and diarrhœa on August 28, 1861, and was admitted September 4 as a case of typhoid fever. On the morning of the 5th there was slight fever, the pulse 80, weak, the skin dry and hot, the tongue red, flabby and coated. Quinine was ordered with Dover's powder at night. He rested well during the night, and next day had no fever; pulse 72, tongue heavily coated, skin warm and moist, bowels slightly relaxed; nor did the fever recur in the evening. The following is the daily record of observations in this case: 6th, Morning: rested well; pulse 62; tongue heavily coated; skin warm and moist; one stool; no fever. Evening: pulse 72; skin warm and dry; tongue very red, coated white; one stool; no fever. Gave ten grains of Dover's powder. 7th, Morning: rested well; pulse 76; drowsy; tongue coated brown, red at tip; skin warm, natural; bowels quiet; appetite fair. Evening: pulse 60; skin warm and moist; no fever; tongue slightly coated; bowels quiet; appetite good. 8th, Morning: rested well; drowsy; pulse 56, weak ; tongue pale, slightly coated white; skin cool, moist; no fever; giddiness; bowels quiet; appetite fair; walking about. Evening: pulse 50; tongue coated, pale; skin cool, moist; appetite good; stronger; bowels quiet; sleepy. 9th, Evening: sleepy; pulse natural; tongue pale; one thin small stool; skin natural. 10th, Morning: rested well; slept much; pulse 102, strong; tongue coated white, moist; skin moist, warm; rose-spots; profuse sudamina; bowels natural. Gave wine of cinchona. Evening: pulse 85 when standing; skin warm and dry; tongue slightly coated; profuse sudamina; one large stool. 11th, Morning: rested well; pulse 88, sitting; tongue pale, coated at base; skin cool; sudamina profuse; three stools; no pain; appetite good; no rose-spots. Evening: walking about; some weakness; profuse sudamina. Ordered rest. 12th, Morning: rested well; pulse 78, quick, compressible; tongue slightly coated gray; skin warm, moist; no fever; profuse sudamina; no tenderness; one large stool; walking around; weak. Evening: pulse 80, sitting; tongue pale, slightly coated grayish; skin natural, covered with sudamina; one natural stool; appetite good. 13th, Transferred to hospital at Baltimore, Md.