CASE.—Private Simon Kessler, Co. E, 9th New York Heavy Artillery, aged 22 years, was wounded at Petersburg, Virginia, April 2d, 1865, by a conoidal ball, which fractured the occipital bone near its centre and penetrated the brain; he also received a slight flesh wound over the right scapula. He was, on the next day, admitted to the hospital of the Sixth Corps, and thence transferred to the Lincoln Hospital, Washington, on the 8th. On the 10th, the patient had become slightly comatose. He was placed under the influence of ether, and Acting Assistant Surgeon W. B. Chambers made a vertical incision through the integument and removed the ball and fragments of bone, including the occipital protuberance. Cold water dressings and lead and opium wash were applied and quinine and iron administered. Traumatic erysipelas supervened, and death resulted, on April 18th, from exhaustion. A post-mortem examination showed extensive comminution of bone. The posterior portion of brain was much congested. The case is reported by Assistant Surgeon J. C. McKee, U. S. A.