CASE.—Private Foster H. B——, Co. E, 7th Michigan Volunteers, aged 20 years, was wounded at Ream's Station, Virginia, August 25th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which fractured and depressed the frontal bone over the left orbit, tearing off a portion of the external table two and a quarter inches in length, and nearly an inch in width. In the same engagement he received a flesh wound of thigh. He was taken to the 2d division, Second Corps, hospital, where a portion of both tables was removed by Surgeon G. Chaddock, 7th Michigan Volunteers. On the 28th, he was conveyed to Washington, and admitted to the Lincoln Hospital. Two days later he became delirious. Coma supervened on September 1st, and the pupils contracted. On the 3d, while the coma still existed, Acting Assistant Surgeon T. F. Betton made an elliptical incision through the integuments, and removed a portion of a musket ball and several depressed fragments of bone from the anterior lobe of the brain. The wound was cleansed, and the edges brought together and united by straps of adhesive plaster. The operation failed to relieve the coma, and patient died the same day. The post-mortem examination revealed a portion of the inner table, about the size of a dime, depressed; the meninges of the brain were bathed in pus, and a large abscess existed in the anterior portion of the left hemisphere, the substance of the brain surrounding it being very much softened. The pathological specimen is No. 2078, Sect. I, A. M. M., and was contributed, with the history, by Acting Assistant Surgeon H. M. Dean.