CASE.—Private Calvin Forest, Co. G, 8th North Carolina Infantry, aged 18 years, was wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia, May 31st, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which entered one inch above the left zygomatic process, passed through the left orbit, destroying the eye, and emerged from the inner wall of the right orbit, carrying with it the right eye. He was admitted into the general field hospital on June 2d, and on the 10th he was transferred to the Lincoln Hospital, Washington, in a delirious condition. Erysipelas had attacked the wounds, and he suffered considerably. Five spiculæ of bone were removed daily. Simple dressings were used. Tonics were administered. The wounds gradually healed. There was a loss of the senses of taste and smell; but that of taste became almost entirely restored. He was transferred to the Old Capital Prison, for exchange, on October 1st, 1864. Surgeon J. Cooper McKee, U. S. A., reports the case.