CASE.—Private John Duffy, Co. A, 28th Massachusetts Volunteers, received, at the battle of Bull Run, Virginia, August 31st, 1862, a gunshot fracture of the external table of the left parietal bone. He was admitted into the Carver Hospital, Washington, September 7th; on December 10th, he was furloughed; and was discharged the service February 6th, 1863. On May 21st, 1863, Pension Examiner G. S. Jones reports this man to have a depression in the skull from which loose bone has been removed, and to be suffering from cephalalgia and vertigo. He rates his disability one-half and doubtful. On April 13th, 1865, Pension Examiner J. T. Galloupe reports this man to have re-enlisted February 28th, 1864, as a private in the 29th Massachusetts Volunteers; and to have done full duty from that time until the date of his report, when the man was a paroled prisoner of war, his disability being removed.