LIBBY, SAMUEL B., Private, Co. B, 17th Maine, aged 23 years. Spottsylvania​, May 21st, 1864. Fracture over vertex by conoidal musket ball. Emory, Blackwell's Island, and Cony hospitals. Fragments removed; dura mater exposed; left leg partially paralyzed. Discharged December 15th, 1864. April 26th, 1865, Examiner D. O. Perry, M. D., reports complete left hemiplegia, mental obtuseness, and severe pain in the head, and rates the disability three-fourths and somewhat amenable to treatment. September 30th, 1867, Examiner T. A. Foster reports that this man, after recovering almost entirely from paralysis, had headache, temporary insanity, and epileptic fits.