CASE.—Sergeant Conrad Bryan, Co. H, 75th Ohio Volunteers, aged 25 years, was wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 2d, 1863, by a conoidal ball, which fractured the left parietal bone. He was admitted to the hospital of the 1st division, Eleventh Corps, and on June 15th, transferred to the Carver Hospital at Washington; but on the 20th, sent to the Mower Hospital, Philadelphia. The wound at this time was very much inflamed and discharging freely. Flax-seed poultices and subsequently cold water dressings were applied. On June 30th, a small portion of bone, together with a piece of his cap, which had been driven into the wound, were removed. On July 24th, he was transferred to the Seminary Hospital at Columbus, Ohio, the wound being nearly healed. Caries of the skull, however, ensued, followed by attacks of epilepsy. The patient was discharged from service on April 16th, 1864. He is a pensioner, his disability being rated total and doubtful. The early history of the case is reported by Surgeon George Suckley, U. S. V.