CASE.—Captain Frank Gordon, Co. G, 121st New York Volunteers, aged 30 years, was wounded at the battle of Spottsylvania​ Court-house, Virginia, May 8th, 1864, by a conoidal musket ball, which fractured the occipital bone at the protuberance. He was admitted, on the same day, to the 1st division, Sixth Corps, hospital, and on the 16th, sent to the 1st division hospital at Alexandria. On examination, the fracture was found to extend one and seven-eighths inches, being one inch wide at the largest space. Fragments of bone were removed and ice applied. Extensive suppuration followed. On June 15th, several pieces of dead bone were removed, followed by hæmorrhage; the orifice was kept open by sponge tents. He had so far recovered in July that a leave of absence was granted to him. On his return from furlough, he was admitted to the Officers Hospital, Annapolis, Maryland. On October 7th, 1864, he was discharged from service and pensioned. Examiner J. A. Brown, M. D., reported, February 18th, 1865, that there was partial paralysis of the optic nerve of both eyes, the right being most affected. Exertion caused pain in head and vertigo.