CASE.—Private Joseph G. Robinson, Co. I, 14th Connecticut Volunteers, aged 54 years, was wounded at the Weldon Railroad, Virginia, August 19th, 1864, by a fragment of shell, which struck the right parietal bone at a point midway between the coronal and lambdoidal sutures, producing a compound comminuted fracture of both tables of the right parietal bone. He was admitted to the hospital of the Second Corps, and thence conveyed to Washington, D. C., and admitted into Carver Hospital on August 30th. The patient was somewhat emaciated, and there was slight constitutional disturbance. On September 11th, Acting Assistant Surgeon J. O. French made a crucial​ incision through the scalp, elevated the depressed edges of the fractured bone, and removed the detached sequestra of both tables. Anodyne poultices were applied, and afterward simple dressings. On the 15th, the patient was doing well, his constitutional condition having improved. On February 20th, 1865, he was discharged from the service by reason of impaired vision. He is a pensioner, and his disability is rated total and permanent.