CASE.—Private Daniel D. O'Donovan, Co. K, 59th Massachusetts Volunteers, aged 23 years, was wounded at the battle of the the Wilderness, Virginia, May 6th, 1864, by a conoidal musket ball, which injured the orbital ridge of the frontal bone. He was, on May 11th, admitted to the Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.; on May 16th, sent to the Patterson Park Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland; on June 17th, to the Knight Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut; on October 16th, to Readville; and thence, on October 24th, to the Dale Hospital, Worcester, Massachusetts, where he was discharged from service on March 2d, 1865, and pensioned. The vision of the left eye was totally destroyed, and the man suffered from morbid sensibility. On April 9th, 1867, Pension Examiner G. S. Jones reported this man to be suffering from a sympathetic affection of the right eye, with pain in the head and vertigo. He rates his disability total and probably permanent.