Title: Morgan, Isaac N.

Source text: Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes, United States Army, The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. (1861–65.), Part 1, Volume 2 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1870), 232.

Keywords:wounds and injuries of the headremoval of fragments after gunshot fractures of the skulldimness of visiontotal disabilityheat of the sun or exercise causes giddiness

Civil War Washington ID: med.d1e15983

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CASE.—Lieutenant Isaac N. Morgan, Co. B, 1st Maine Artillery, aged 23 years, was wounded at the battle of Spottsylvania​, May 19th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which entered above the inner angle of the right eye, fractured the supra-orbital ridge, and lodged in front of the right ear. The ball and a portion of the supra-orbital ridge were removed. The patient was admitted to the Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, on May 25th, 1864. He was transferred to the Officers Hospital at Annapolis August 8th, 1864, and discharged August 15th, 1864. Lieutenant Morgan was afterward pensioned. On September 15th, 1865, Pension Examiner R. K. Jones reports that he has much pain in the forehead, and that any exposure to the heat of the sun, or exercise, causes giddiness, with severe pain in the other eye, and dimness of vision. He rates his disability total.