CASE.—Private Jerome Dickerson, Co. B, 179th New York Volunteers, was wounded in the engagement near the Weldon Railroad, Virginia, June 17th, 1864, by a conoidal ball. He was at once admitted to the hospital of the 1st division, Ninth Corps, and on July 1st was sent to the Mount Pleasant Hospital, Washington. The injury was treated as a slight scalp wound, and on July 20th the patient was sent to Mower Hospital, Philadelphia, where it was discovered that the frontal bone was fractured near its eminence. Small pieces of bone were removed at various times. He recovered, was returned to duty on December 5th, 1864, and discharged the service June 8th, 1865, and pensioned. On April 2d, 1866, Pension Examiner H. W. Nye stated that the patient suffers from pain, giddiness, and partial loss of sight of right eye. The patient also deposed that he was unable to labor in the summer, on account of dizziness and frequent pain in the head.