CASE.—Private James W. Hotchkiss, 19th New York Battery, was wounded in the engagement before Petersburg, Virginia, November 9th, 1864, by a musket ball, which fractured the cranium. He was admitted to the hospital of the 1st division, Ninth Corps; on November 13th, sent to the depot field hospital at City Point, and on November 29th, transferred to 3d division hospital at Alexandria. He was discharged from the service on April 3d, 1865, on account of fracture of skull and partial paralysis, and was afterward pensioned. On January 25th, 1868, Pension Examiner J. H. Helmers reported this man to be suffering from partial paralysis of the left side, with loss of memory. He also credits the patient's statement of being subject to frequent and severe epileptic fits. He rated his disability equivalent to the loss of a foot or hand and permanent.