CASE.—Corporal Henry Sweiger, Co. I, 208th Pennsylvania Volunteers, aged 18 years, received, near Petersburg, Virginia, March 25th, 1865, a gunshot fracture of the right parietal bone. He was sent to the hospital of the 3d division, Ninth Corps; thence to Washington, where he was admitted to the Lincoln Hospital on March 30th. On May 13th, he was transferred to the Mower Hospital, Philadelphia. Simple dressings were applied to the wound. On June 1st, an exfoliation of the outer table, three-fourths of an inch in length by one-half inch in width, was removed, and two days later another piece, one inch in length, was taken out. No untoward symptoms followed, and the patient was discharged the service on June 21st, 1865, and pensioned. On March 26th, 1868, Pension Examiner M. H. Strickler, reported this man to be suffering from partial paralysis of the left side, and to be unable to perform manual labor or bear exposure to the sun. He recommends an increase of pension.