CASE.—Private David K. Pillsbury, Co. E, 12th New Hampshire Volunteers, received, at the battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 3d, 1863, a gunshot fracture of the left parietal bone at its posterior superior aspect. He was admitted to field hospital Third Corps; on June 14th, sent to 1st division hospital, Alexandria; and on June 19th, to Satterlee Hospital, Philadelphia. There was constant cephalalgia and dizziness. A piece of bone from the outer table, three-fourths by three-eighths of an inch, was detached. On July 28th, the patient was sent to Concord, New Hampshire. Bone had exfoliated; headache, nausea, and partial paralysis of arms and legs existed, and the patient was greatly enfeebled. He was discharged September 4th, 1863, and pensioned, his disability being rated three-fourths and doubtful.