CASE.—Private Walter Wheeler, Co. B, 91st New York Volunteers, aged 37 years, was wounded before Petersburg, Virginia, April 1st, 1865, by a conoidal ball, which entered above the anterior zygomatic articulation, fractured and depressed the temporal bone, and emerged just above the external meatus, right side. He was conveyed to the depot field hospital of the Fifth Army Corps, where he remained until the 18th, when he was sent to Washington, and admitted into the Harewood Hospital on the 19th. Three days later he had a slight hæmorrhage from the common temporal artery, which was ligated. The wounds of entrance and of exit were communicated, when it was found that a small portion of bone at the point of exit was denuded of pericranium. Subsequently the denuded portion was removed. By June 17th Wheeler had fully recovered, and on June 29th, 1865, was discharged from the service. In July, 1868, he was a pensioner, his disability being rated as total and permanent. Photographs of the case will be found in Volume VII, Phot. Series A. M. M.