CASE.—Private Edward W. Hawkins, Co. E, 28th U. S. Colored Troops, was wounded near the Chickahominy, Virginia, June 25th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which apparently injured the scalp only. He was admitted on June 28th to L'Ouverture Hospital, Alexandria, and returned to duty July 18, 1864. On August 17th, he was admitted to Satterlee Hospital, where the case was diagnosticated​ a fracture of the cranium. The records also state that the patient's skull had been operated upon, at the time of injury, by the removal of detached fragments. He was suffering from chronic diarrhœa, which gradually amended under treatment. On September 29th, he was sent to Summit House Hospital; on March 29th to Beverly; and on May 12th to Whitehall, where he was discharged the service May 26th, 1865. On September 26th, 1868, Pension Examiner W. D. Thomas states that the patient complained of inability to labor because of vertigo and intense pain in the head. He rated his disability at one-half and temporary.