CASE.—Private Richard Upham, Co. B, 36th Wisconsin Volunteers, aged 42 years, was wounded at Cold Harbor, Virginia, June 1st, 1864, by a conoidal musket ball, in the right side of the head. He was, on June 8th, admitted to the Lincoln Hospital, Washington, where the injury was diagnosed as a wound of scalp. On June 18th, he was conveyed to Philadelphia, and admitted into the Summit House Hospital. The wound was then indolent. On the 24th of August, he was transferred to Satterlee Hospital, where it was ascertained that the parietal bone was fractured at the articulation with the frontal bone, one and a half inches from the median line. Simple dressings were applied to the wound. Quite a number of small speculæ​ of bone were removed. The case progressed favorably and the wound healed, leaving a depression of one-half inch. He was returned to duty on December 10th, 1864, but still suffered from vertigo after much exertion. He was discharged July 12th, 1865, and his claim for pension is pending.