CASE.—Private Erastus R. Rugg, Co. I, 7th Wisconsin Volunteers, aged 43 years, was wounded at the battle of the Wilderness, Virginia, May 5th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which penetrated the left temporal bone and passed through the dura mater. He was, on the following day, admitted to the 4th division, Fifth Corps, hospital, and on the 12th, transferred to the Douglas Hospital, Washington. Simple dressings were employed. On May 28th, he was sent to the Broad and Cherry Streets Hospital, Philadelphia, where a small piece of necrosed bone was extracted from the wound. The missile had been previously removed. The patient remained at the above hospital until the 27th of June, when he was transferred to the Haddington Hospital. He recovered, and was returned to duty on February 11th, 1865. He was discharged July 6th, 1865, and pensioned. A communication from the Commissioner of Pensions, January 20th, 1870, states that there is a deep depression at the seat of injury. The functions of the right ear are lost, those of the left are tremulous and weak, and the man is subject to dizziness upon slight exertion.