CASE.—Private Alexander Hamilton, Co. C, 17th United States Infantry, aged 33 years, was wounded at the battle of Spottsylvania​ Court-house, Virginia, May 9th, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which fractured the cranium at the vertex. On the same day, he was admitted to the hospital of the 4th division, Fifth Corps, where the detached portions of bone were removed from the wound. On May 12th, he was sent to the Columbian Hospital, Washington; on May 15th, to the Patterson Park Hospital, Baltimore, and on June 20th, to Camp Parole, Annapolis, whence he was sent, on September 12th, 1864, to Fort Preble, Maine, probably for duty. This soldier was discharged the service, March 31st, 1865, and pensioned. On January 27th, 1867, Pension Examiner G. W. Cook reported that the integument does not cover the wound; the patient complains of headache, which he alleges prevents him from laboring. His disability is rated one-half and temporary.