CASE.—Private Charles Owen, Co. F, 179th New York Volunteers, aged 31 years, was wounded near Petersburg, Virginia, June 17th, 1864, by a piece of shell which fractured the right parietal bone. On the same day, he was admitted to the hospital of the 1st division, Ninth Corps; thence was conveyed to Washington, and admitted into the Mount Pleasant hospital on July 2d. On July 22d, he was transferred to the Mower Hospital at Philadelphia. Simple dressings, tonics and stimulants were employed in the course of the treatment. He was discharged from service June 10th, 1865. Pension Examiner Bardwell reports on February 1st, 1868, that the patient's vision was impaired and that he was subject to nausea and prostration when excited. He rated his disability as one-half and probably permanent.