CASE.—Lieutenant William T. Simms, 82d New York Volunteers, was wounded at the battle of the Wilderness, Virginia, May 6th, 1864, by a conoidal musket ball, which penetrated the mastoid process of the left temporal bone and seriously injured the internal ear, leaving a small external opening. The missile, which was removed on the field, had become elongated. He was admitted to the hospital of the 2d division, Second Corps, and on May 16th, was sent to Washington for treatment. Until the latter date, he had been speechless; his intellect was greatly impaired. He partially recovered; on June 25th, was transferred to the 59th New York Volunteers as Major; April 18th, 1865, was mustered out of service. The wound was still open, and there was partial paralysis of left side of face, and partial hemiplegia of right side.