CASE.—Corporal John G. Whigam, Co. I, 116th Pennsylvania Volunteers, aged 22 years, was wounded near Petersburg, June 16th, 1864, by a piece of shell which fractured the frontal and left parietal bones, carrying away a piece two inches in diameter. He was conveyed to the hospital of the Second Corps, thence was sent by way of City Point to Alexandria, where he was admitted to the 2d division hospital on June 28th. The brain was exposed, but the wound healed kindly, and the patient was discharged the service June 25th, 1865, still incapable of any exertion. Until September 14th, 1869, he was pensioned at six dollars a month. His pension was then increased to fifteen dollars, Pension Examiner W. M. Henson, at Allegheny City, reporting that the pensioner suffered constant pain in the head, and was totally and permanently unfitted for manual labor.