Title: Luber, Moses H.

Source text: The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, Part 3, Volume 1 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1888), 880.

Keywords:idiopathic peritonitisvermiform appendix ulcerated and perforated

Civil War Washington ID: med.d1e11677

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CASE 7.—First Lieut. Moses H. Luber, Independent Company, 20th Pa. Cav., was admitted moribund Oct. 3, 1863, and died in two hours. He had suffered from excruciating pain in the right iliac region, with tenderness but no tympanites of the abdomen. Post-mortem examination: The vermiform appendix was ulcerated and perforated and the peritoneum inflamed; the ileocæcal valve was extensively ulcerated.—Officers' Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.