Title: Schirm, Martin

Source text: The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, Part 3, Volume 1 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1888), 860.

Keywords:diseases attributed to non-miasmatic exposuresother diseases attributed to exposuresunstrokepost-mortem observationscongestion of brain, effusion into ventricles

Civil War Washington ID: med.d1e11586

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CASE 1.—Private Martin Schirm, Co. G, 14th N. Y. Heavy Art'y; age 33; admitted June 15, 1864, with sunstroke. Died 22d: Post-mortem examination: There was much congestion of the brain with effusion into the ventricles; the brain-substance was but little softened.—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.