CASE 11.—Private Orvill S. Stockwell, Co. A, 36th N. Y., was admitted Oct. 29, 1862, with dropsy from cardiac disease supervening on acute rheumatism. He complained of pain in the præcordia, palpitations, headache and vertigo; the area of cardiac dulness​ was increased; he had anasarca, enormous distention of the abdomen and at times a distressing cough. He died suddenly November 9. Post-mortem examination: The areolar tissue was everywhere full of liquid and the abdominal cavity contained a gallon and a half of serum. The pericardium was greatly distended with serum in which were flakes of lymph; the surface of the heart was coated with lymph; the ventricular walls hypertrophied; the semilunar valves normal; the mitral and tricuspid thickened. The lungs were congested. The liver and kidneys appeared healthy.—Hospital, Alexandria, Va.