CASE 8.—Private John Buck, Co. G, 7th Wis., was admitted March 19, 1865, with rheumatic fever. On April 4 he had diarrhœa and gastric irritation. Two days later dyspnœa was added to his symptoms and his countenance became anxious; the action of the heart was tumultuous, the area of cardiac dulness​ increased and the pulse small, irregular and intermittent. Death occurred on the 8th. Post-mortem examination: The pericardium, which was thick and opaque, contained six ounces of serum and lymph; the endocardium was injected; the chordæ tendineæ in the right ventricle showed some adherent fibrin; the left ventricle contained a fibrinous clot.—Act. Ass't Surgeon J. H. Brownlow, Harewood Hospital, Washington, D. C.