CASE 21.—Private Michael Ford, 57th N. Y.; age 21; was admitted Feb. 17, 1864: Much prostrated; cheeks dusky; lips livid; tongue coated darkly; sordes on teeth; pulse frequent and quick; respiration abdominal and frequent; could speak only by inspiring at every few words; sharp pain in lower part of right chest; mucous râles generally diffused. He died on the 20th. Post-mortem examination: Left lung healthy; right pleura containing four pints of serum, pus and lymph; right upper lobe compressed; middle lobe compressed and adherent by fibrinous bands; lower lobe closely adherent; lung-substance soft and friable; pleurisy more severe in diaphragmatic portion. Heart healthy; three to four ounces of serum in pericardium.—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.