CASE 130.—Private William A. Rager, Co. B, 13th Pa. Cav.; age 15; was admitted March 23, 1864, with measles. He was treated with sweet spirit of nitre, acetate of ammonia, ipecacuanha, morphia, stimulants, expectorants, opiates occasionally to check diarrhœa, turpentine stupes to the chest and throat, sinapisms to the feet, and warm sponge-bathing followed by brisk hand-rubbing; beef-tea and milk-punch were also given. At times the patient's face became livid during attacks of dyspnœa. He vomited several lumbricoid worms. Death occurred April 4. Post-mortem examination: The lungs were emphysematous and the bronchioles filled with secretion. The pericardium contained an excess of liquid and the ventricles large fibrinous clots; Peyer's patches were somewhat thickened. The other organs were healthy. No lumbricoid worms were found.—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.