CASE 56.—Corp'l William Little, Co. E, 31st Me.; age 18; was admitted May 7, 1864, with pleuro-pneumonia. He had been treated in the Wolfe street hospital, Alexandria, Va., from April 27 as a case of measles. On admission he was delirious and very restless; his skin hot and dry, tongue dry and covered with a brownish coat; teeth covered with sordes; he had cough, dyspnœa and a profuse expectoration of dark-colored muco-purulent matter. The dyspnœa increased and the surface of the body became bluish. Death occurred on the 8th. Post-mortem examination: Suggillation posteriorly and discoloration in each iliac fossa. The left pleural cavity contained twenty ounces of serum mixed with lymph; the lungs were much congested posteriorly, portions of their tissue being heavier than water; there was a small abscess in the lower lobe of the left lung. The heart, liver, kidneys and intestines were apparently healthy.—Act. Ass't Surgeon Charles Carter, Turner's Lane Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.