CASE 33.—Private Freeman Dwyer, Co. D, 11th Vt.; age 33; admitted Nov. 21, 1864, with gonorrhœa. Furloughed December 26. Returned Jan. 22, 1865. Died March 14, of syphilis. Post-mortem examination: Slight circular discolorations on body and limbs. Dura mater at base slightly inflamed; small serous effusion in ventricles. Nares and pharynx normal; glottis œdematous; mucous membrane of larynx and trachea thickened and inflamed, this condition extending into the bronchioles, where were some small gangrenous patches. Right lung, thirty ounces, hepatized gray except in a small portion of the upper lobe; left lung, twenty ounces, hepatized red in adjacent portions of each lobe. Mucous membrane of œsophagus inflamed, ulcerated in patches, gangrenous in its lower part; cardiac end of stomach somewhat inflamed; ileum congested and ulcerated; mesenteric glands and large intestine healthy. Liver, spleen and kidneys enlarged.—Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.