CASE 25.—Private David H. Porter, Co. G, 8th Tenn.; ago 20; a man of robust and vigorous frame, was admitted Jan. 30, 1865, complaining of a dry hacking cough and severe pain in the left side of the chest. His tongue was coated, pulse small and hard, respiration hurried and painful,—a friction sound was heard over the seat of the pain. Hot fomentations were applied and Dover's powder administered. Free diaphoresis resulted and the pain was relieved. On February 1 he had a dull pain in the left side, with cough and rusty tenacious sputa​; crepitation was heard over the affected part; the pulse was bounding and the skin dry. Veratrum viride and ipecacuanha were prescribed with warm fomentations. On the 3d there was marked dulness​ on percussion, with bronchial respiration over the lower part of the left lung and moist râles over the upper part of the left and whole of the right lung. Ipecacuanha, sweet spirit of nitre and acetate of ammonia were prescribed. Next day the patient became delirious, the countenance livid, respiration hurried and pulse soft and rapid. Stimulants were given, but he died on the 5th. Post-mortem examination: The lower lobe of tho left lung was hepatized and bound to the parietes by recent adhesions; the bronchial tubes on both sides were inflamed. Tho other organs were normal.—Hospital, Alexandria, Va.