CASE 20.—Private Simon P. Mead, Co. I, 140th Ind.; admitted Feb. 3, 1865, with symptoms of bronchitis. 12th: Expectoration difficult; sputa​ streaked with blood, tenacious. 14th: Dyspnœa increased. 15th: Small and large crepitation in both lungs. 16th: Involuntary stools; delirium; sputa​ obstructing air-passages. 17th: Sputa​ rusty; dyspnœa increased,—died. Post-mortem examination: Three pints of serum with lymph-flakes in right pleura; lung adherent, thirty-six ounces and a half, lower lobe hepatized in patches, upper lobes engorged; left lung twenty-nine ounces, somewhat engorged; bronchi of both lungs much congested and filled with tenacious sputa​; effusion in pericardium; liver eighty-four ounces; spleen eleven ounces; intestines normal.—Douglas Hospital, Washington, D. C.