CASE 8.—Private Patrick Mahaer, Co. K, 11th N. J.; age 20; was admitted Jan. 13, 1865, with typhoid pneumonia. Dulness​ with tubular respiration on both sides, specially marked over the lower part of the right lung and the upper part of the left; breathing short and hurried; cough severe; sputa​ thick, yellow and very offensive; pulse 130 and weak; tongue furred brown, darker in the centre than elsewhere; teeth covered with sordes; skin sallow, hot and dry; bowels relaxed; urine scanty and high-colored. A blister over the chest gave some relief; warm fomentations were afterwards applied. Expectorants, diaphoretics and sustaining measures were employed but without benefit; the patient became delirious, frequently covering his head with the bedclothes and begging not to be shot. He died on the 27th. Post-mortem examination: The lower lobe of the right lung was hepatized gray and quite soft. The bronchial tubes generally were dilated and had thickened walls and a brownish-red lining. The heart was normal and contained the usual clots. Liver nutmeg; spleen pale; kidneys pale and fatty.—Hospital, Alexandria, Va.