CASE 115.—Private Charles Leary, 22d Pa.; age 26; was seized, Sept. 20, 1861, with fever and pain in the chest. 27th: Admitted with pleuro-pneumonia. Pulse 98, strong; skin cool and moist; tongue red at tip, coated grayish-white in centre; stools thin and involuntary; acute right iliac tenderness; slight borborygmus; no tympanites; dry, hacking cough; slight expectoration; submucous and sibilant râles in upper part of lungs, crepitation in axillary regions and a creaking leathery sound posteriorly. 28th: Sleep much interrupted by cough; towards morning raised blood; skin warm, dry; two stools, voluntary; dyspnœa; voice low; some delirium. Evening: Chest very sore; voice whispering; raised much blood; pulse 100, weak; some dyspnœa. While attempting to reach the chair, about twelve feet away, he threw up his arms and fell but was caught and put in bed by an attendant. He breathed a few times with a gurgling sound and died. Post-mortem examination: Thorax filled with blood, left lung in some places nearly gangrenous.—Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, D. C.