CASE 106.—Private Daniel Bancroft, Co. G, 28th Mich.; age 38; admitted Jan. 28, 1865. Pain in chest anteriorly; much cough; sputa​ white, tenacious, abundant; pulse frequent, not hard; much fever at night, with remission in morning. 31st: Pain in left side; dyspnœa; dry cough; hot skin; frequent pulse; physical signs of pleuro-pneumonia. February 3: Pleuritic effusion in left chest, extending to fifth rib in front while sitting. 8th: Erysipelas of face; much dyspnœa; effusion unaltered; delirium. 12th: Failing; left pleura filling up. 14th: Died. Post-mortem examination: Left lower lobe hepatized throughout; a pint of serum and lymph in the pleural cavity and both pleural surfaces covered with coagulable lymph.—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.