CASE 104.—Private Henry B. Welker, Co. I, 87th Pa.; age 40; admitted March 30, 1865, from the Army of the Potomac, with erysipelas of the face. On April 6 he was suddenly attacked with gasping respiration and died in a few minutes. Post-mortem examination: Body somewhat emaciated. Heart healthy; pericardium thickened and containing a small quantity of serum; large fibrinous clots in the pulmonary artery and aortic arch. Right lung healthy; left firmly adherent and purulent throughout, with an abscess containing eight to ten ounces of pus which had burst into the trachea and filled the bronchial tubes; two pints of serum in the left pleural cavity. Liver somewhat enlarged; pericardium thickened; intestines normal.—Stanton Hospital, Washington, D. C.