CASE 93.—Private Peter Brennan, Co. K, 5th N. H.; admitted Dec. 24, 1862, with a gunshot wound of the right thigh. Died April 22, 1865. Post-mortem examination: Carbuncle on right side posteriorly. Œsophagus pale, larynx slightly and trachea and larger bronchi intensely congested, with many dark-purple spots the size of mustard-seed. Right lung, twenty-six ounces, solidified at apex and with a thick layer of lymph on the pleura; middle lobe somewhat congested; lower lobe bluish-slate color, much congested, heavier than water but not hepatized. Left lung, nineteen ounces, adherent and showing recent exudation and much venous congestion. Heart enlarged, with thickening of valves, clots in all the cavities, white elevated points on the endocardium, firm old adhesions on the left side, dark-purple spots on the pericardium and nine drachms of fluid in the serous sac. Liver dark-purple, lighter on section, soft, acini well marked; spleen soft, broken down. Stomach showing dark-purple spots; duodenum slightly congested; jejunum generally pale and valvulæ absent; much congestion near ileocæcal valve. Mucous membrane of large intestine pale, solitary follicles enlarged and numerous. Left kidney congested in cortical substance, pyramids pale, pelvis congested.—Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.