CASE 86.—Private Robert Close, Co. B, 8th Ill. Cav.; age 33; admitted March 6, 1864, with pneumonia. Died 14th. Post-mortem examination: Brain fifty-six ounces, much congested. Trachea and bronchi congested and lined with tenacious reddish-brown mucus. Right lung, thirty ounces, congested, especially at the base; left, fifty-seven ounces, solidified, adherent throughout by recent lymph and with seven ounces of serum in the pleural sac. Pericardium contained four ounces of dark liquid like mulberry-juice; heart flabby, reddish-brown in color and filled with fibrinous clots. Intestines normal but Peyer's patches prominent. Liver seventy-one ounces; spleen twelve ounces and a half; pancreas three ounces; right kidney five ounces and a half, left seven ounces—all apparently healthy.—Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.