CASE 76.—Private William Morse, Co. I, 16th Vt.; age 30; admitted April 14, 1863, with pain in left side; cough; urgent dyspnœa; pulse 120 and feeble; respiration 30; dulness​ over entire right lung and tubular respiration along the posterior border of the scapula; dulness​ over lower half of left lung, mucous râles over upper half. 23d: Pain in both lungs increased; dyspnœa urgent; diarrhœa with pain in abdomen; copious sanguineo-purulent expectoration; free diaphoresis. Died 26th. Post-mortem examination: Right pleura, much thickened with lymph, contained three pints sero-purulent liquid; lung solid, exuding a little pus on pressure. Left pleura contained two pints of sero-purulent liquid; lung in second stage of inflammation. Six ounces of serum, with floating particles of lymph, in pericardium; villous-shaped lymph coating the heart. Liver and spleen somewhat enlarged. Mucous coat of stomach injected, of small intestine reddened and softened,—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.